(Point of Entry(P.O.E)/Dual Tank Water Softener-Carbon Purifier)

Dual Tank Water Softener-Carbon Purifiers softened the water and removes chlorine as well. The combination design with independent media chambers  allow better media/pollutant interaction and avoids mix bed media channeling.  The chambers are  assembled one on top of other with side ports to independently remove and refill medias as and when required.

Dual Tank Water Softener-Carbon Purifiers employ the  ion exchange process to softened the water, like other softeners, where the Calcium and Magnesium ions of hard water are exchanged for Sodium ions of resins media  beds present in it’s lower chamber. Activated Carbon media in  the top chamber removes Chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor from water. In combination, resins and activated carbon remove large number of organic chemicals such as EPB, TCE, PCE, THMs, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, reduce sediments, iron, manganese, barium, and radium levels in the water as well.

Dual Tank Water Softener-Carbon Purifiers come complete with “Metered” Controlled Valves (media-backwashing and regeneration  System)  installed in them. The Metered Controlled Valve back washes and regenerates the medias after per set gallon-age  to insure an optimum level of performance and to prevent “channeling”. Regeneration of resins is normally done with  NaCl2 (salt) solution. Periodic backwashing and regeneration of medias greatly enhance the performance of Dual Tank Water Softener-Carbon Purifiers.

Media tanks material Corrosion Resistant FRP
Salt tank material Polystyrene
Cover material Polystyrene
Metered control valve Clack 5600sxt/ Watts
Nominal Dimensions
Combination tanks 10 in. 35 in.
Brine tank 18 in  36 in
Pipe Connection 1 In.
Typical Applications
Resin capacity 1 Cu. Ft 30,000 Grains App.GPG Capacity @15 lb. Cu. Ft.
Salt capacity 225 lbs. (approx.)

10˝ x 35˝ tank and

brine well installed

Activated carbon 1 Cu. Ft
Temperature 34° – 110° F