(Point of Use (P.O.U)/Below the Kitchen Sink Water Treatment)

              E Treat Environmentally Friendly Ultra Filtration Drinking Water System

With Quick Twist Replacement Elements!

E-Treat Ultra Filtration Drinking Water System is simply a combination of sediment and carbon filters along with  many hydrophilic (water loving) capillary filters, which are capable of filtering down to <0.1 micron and therefore meet the accepted criteria for producing bacteria sterile water.


Features & Benefits

  • Removal of >99.999999% of all bacteria (>8 log).
  • Removal of chlorine and other organic pollutants.
  • High flow rates at minimal pressure requirements.
  • Low fouling due to hydrophilic nature of the membranes.
  • Outstance life cycle (up to 12,000 gallons for 0.5 gpm unit).
  • Flow shuts off when cartridges are removed
  • Unit can be disinfected by chemicals or boiling.
  • Cost less than 1 cent per filtered gallon.
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance.



Replacement Elements

Part Number Description
ETRCS E-Treat Melt blown sediment cartridge
ETRCAC E-Treat carbon block cartridge
ETDCHFM E-Treat hollow fiber membrane cartridge