(Point of Entry P.O.E/Whole House Water Treatment System)




The new Hydro-Safe triple treat system design is engineered to provide superior performance in a convenient package. The rugged construction combined with Ultra-Violet light, micro-filtration, and activated carbon make an excellent filtration system for the home or office at an affordable price.

Hydro-Safe Triple-Treat Protection

The innovative Hydro-Safe Triple Treat System incorporates three technologies in one unit to provide three-step treatment to remove: 


Triple Treat Technology:

Provides peace of mind and safe, great tasting water, supplied to every tap in the house. Here’s how it works:

Step #1

0.2 Micron –filtration

Hydro-Safe® filter cartridge is pleated for greater surface area using a micro-fiber, rated at 0.2 micron. This unique filter media is certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for cysts reduction with the capacity to remove sub-micron particles and harmful microorganisms with very little pressure drop or flow restriction.

Step # 2

Carbon Treatment

An exceptionally fine activated carbon powder is added to the sub micron filter fiber using an electrostatic bonding process. Activated carbon provides a secondary treatment process to remove chlorine, taste and odors.

Step #3

UV Light disinfection

During the final process, water flows into a stainless steel reaction chamber where it is exposed to a 254 nanometer UV lamp. Inside this chamber bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed to provide disinfection without the use of chemicals.

Flow Diagram

Part Numbers

Part Part Number
System HSFS
Ballast WUVBALLAST6-12


Flow rate (max.)   14 GPM

Voltage (lamp)  110 Volts

Cartridge capacity   200,000 Gallons

(Gals./average use)

UV dose rate (mj/cm2)  40,000 +

Bacteria reduction* 99.9%

 *E.Coli used for tests with cartridge in place. Important: it is essential to install a one micron pre-filter prior to the unit to extend the life of the 0.2 micron cartridge.

Independent lab validated

Hydro-Safe® systems have been tested by Bio-Vir labs to valdate performance.

Test results confirm bacteria is reduced by 99.9%.

E.Coli bacteria used for tests.



  • Unlike other units on the market, Hydro-Safe® Water Filtration Systems are affordable for average consumers. For pricing call our distributor or dealer today!

Rugged construction

  • Hydro-Safe® filter vessels are made from rugged, glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust or dent.  The lid closure is safe and secure, using stainless steel swing bolts for optimum safety.  Filter vessels are rated for pressure up to 125psi.


  • 0.2 micron depth filtration, capable of trapping sediment and cyst sized particles.
  • Activated carbon to reduce taste, odors, and chlorine.
  • 254 nm ultra violet light to sterilize bacteria & virus.
  • Lamps rated for 12 months of continuous service. (30 mj/cm2 at 10 GPM service flow.)