Auto-backwashing Birm Systems

Whole House Filters for Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction

Auto-backwashing Birm Systems remove low levels of Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide contamination from water that does not have Manganese In It. (which can be noticed from its “rotten egg” smell). These systems refresh themselves periodically with regular water using Timer Control Valves installed in them.

Birm Models

Auto-backwashing Birm Systems work great in well water polluted with Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide. These work less well on Manganese, and cannot be used where the water contains low pH. In water with a low pH value, pretreatment with Calcite is considered a good option. Auto-backwashing Birm Systems have the advantage of backwashing to refresh media by using Timer Control Valves Installed in them.

Media Tanks

Composite Fiberglass construction. Sizes available up to 63 inches in diameter.

Bypass Valve & Internal Distribution Fittings

PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, or S.S internal collectors and distribution fittings and By-Pass Valves and Fittings can be supplied for all applications.

Birm Filter Media

Available in 44 lbs (1 Cubic Ft) size bags.