Canpro Auto Cleaning Shower Filter

Perfect Choice for your beauty & health

Canpro Auto Cleaning Shower offers a unique fluid dynamic design where KDF 55 (patented Filter media) adsorb more chlorine and other pollutants in 3 chambers present in this filter compared to the single chamber in other filters.

• Chlorine Reduction of 97.6% @9,000 gallons and 89.3% overall reduction
• 3 Chamber Filter provides better media contact time and smooth flow rates


Patented Features

Releasing Dirt:

Simply twist the filter body to flush dirt & sediment (other shower filters DO NOT have this feature)


KDF auto-cleaning KDF every time when you start using the shower filter- ensuring the shower filter is always in the best condition

US patent no:6042729, 6231763 & 6447678, China patent-no:99120533.2 European patent no: 0992459131, Korea patent no: 478548, HK patent appl. No:08106712.6
Legal liability for all infringers

Chlorine reduction capacity: 15,000 gallons (56.700 liters)

Maximum flow: 2.5 gall/min (9.5 liters/min)

Temperature Range: 40°-120°F (5°C-49°C)

Water Pressure: 20-125 psi(1.38-8.62 bar)

Canpro® Auto Cleaning Shower is designed for easy installation, time monitoring for filter life, higher flow rates, flushing to remove trapped particulates, and to work for up to 15.000 gallons before filter change. It lasts many times over in the water with a higher dose of chlorine and dirt load than any other shower filter.