Jupiter Melody JP104 Revolutionary Alkaline Water Purifier

This portable filtration system is compact in design and affordable and comes with a multistage filter. Ideal for Travel.

The revolutionary Melody JP104 represents the best quality alkaline water ionizer in the United States.
Equipped with Jupiter’s new amazing Biostone Infrared Filter System for maximum purity, energization, and filtration ability, the Melody alkaline ionizer is the latest in Korean innovation and is Jupiter’s crowning achievement in pursuit of perfection.
The Melody water ionizer is also the first water purifier in the world, to always give alkaline water – even when it is in cleaning mode. You can also attach your Melody Ionizer to a water mains pressure inlet and control water flow from the Melody instead of from the tap.


  • Post cleaning for perfect water always- even when cleaning!
  • Optional ability to connect direct to mains and operate under mains pressure
  • Four levels of alkaline water
  • Coral calcium port
  • Four levels of acid water, including super-oxide
  • Unique post-operation automatic, cleansing for extended lifespan
  • Pure water (non-ionized)
  • Filter usage Liquid Crystal display indicator
  • 3-stage filtration with BioStone Infrared technology
  • Easy 1-minute change filter compartment
  • 1.4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen than the 3/8″ tube on other models
  • Display that changes color to match the pH of the water selected
  • 5-plate latest technology polymer ion-plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates (latest Japanese technology)
  • Lowest “Voice” confirmation every time you choose another output pH
  • Integrated computer circuitry throughout
  • Wipe down the one-touch control panel
  • Stainless steel output spout