Jupiter Venus

This portable filtration system is compact in design and affordable and comes with a multistage filter. Ideal for Travel.

This exciting addition to the Ionizers family replaces the popular Microlite and has all the features that anyone would ever need in an above-counter water ionizer.
Ease of use and exceptional performance come with the latest touch screen technology at an amazing price.
While similar in size, shape, and weight to the Microlite, the Jupiter Venus has been upgraded in several areas. This makes Venus the best value and most contemporary water ionizer now available.


  • Alkaline pH 4 selection levels
  • Easy installation of the unit next to or over the sink. Wall-mounted option
  • Acidic pH 4 selection levels
  • Comes with everything to install the unit
  • Filtered water – same pH (one level)
  • Fully automated system using MICOM artificial intelligence with 4 meg ram semiconductor
  • Manual Voltage adjustment for an extra 24 pH levels if needed
  • Automatic turn-on, shut-off via the incoming water “switch”/tap
  • Automatic cleaning for 10 seconds every 20 liters
  • Platinum Titanium Electrodes with Advanced Polymer Patented Technology
  • Easy to use and stylish touch screen buttons
  • LifetimeWarranty
  • Automatic Indicator Alert when the filter requires replacement
  • Overheating prevention, including hot water automatic shut off
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Complete warranty guarantee- Less than 3 day repair time guaranteed
  • Automatic turn on, shut off when water pressure is applied