Softflo Water Softener Cabinet Type

Softflo are cabinet type Water Softeners, these are distinguished from conventional or 2 tank water softeners by their two tanks in one design (resin and brine tanks are built in the cabinet body of these units). These units take much less floor space compared to conventional water softeners.

Softflo softeners employ the same ion exchange process to soften the water, as other softeners. The Calcium and Magnesium ions of hard water are exchanged for Sodium ions of media (resins) beds. Besides providing softened water, the ion exchange process has the advantage of reducing sediment, iron, manganese, barium, and radium levels in the water as well. Media beds are cleaned and regenerated as per actual regeneration requirements using “On-Demand Control Valves”. Regeneration of resins is normally done with  NaCl2 (salt) solution. The regeneration system comes as part of Softflo softeners.

Product Features

  • Sleek and compact appliance style design
  • Designed for mineral tanks up to 10˝ x 35˝ tall
  • Direct access to electronic functions with integrated faceplate
  • Blow-molded cabinet with injection-molded cover and salt lid
  • Brine compartment and valve are easily accessible under a removable cover
  • Large salt opening with easily detached snap-fit lid
  • Foam baffle protects electronic controls from brine vapor
  • Molded features at the top and bottom of the cabinet hold the mineral tank in place
  • Integral side handles allow easy installation and positioning
  • Space-saving footprint


  • Designed for 5600 and ProFlo valves with SE electronics
  • Available in contemporary Cool Gray
  • Outdoor version for standard mechanical 5600 or 5600SE and ProFloSE with blind faceplate