Triple & Four Stage Alkaline Water Purifiers

Enjoy Alkaline-Chlorine-Free, Filtered Water at your dispenser!

Triple & Four Stage Alkaline Water Purifiers are designed to filter the water at your sink of choice, neutralizing water acidity, besides improving taste, clarity, and odor by removing chlorine and other volatile organic compounds.

They also safeguard against Phenol (industrial waste) that sometimes seeps into the water supply 5-micron Sediment Filter serves to remove suspended matter, dirt, rust, and sediment and improves the performance of Activated Carbon & Calcite Filters 20-micron Sediment Filter (present in 4WPA10B) is added for the heavy load of sediment and/or particulates. Active Carbon Filter removes Chlorine, Atrazine, Benzene, Mercury, TCE, VOC, TTHMs, and Radon Calcite Filter neutralizes Carbonic Acickty of water by Carbonates & Bicarbonates. It stabilizes the water pH close to that of blood for a healthier living besides preventing corrosive effects of acid water on water lines and other appliances.

Triple & Four Stage Alkaline Water Purifiers are cost-effective, low-maintenance water purification solutions. 

  • Installs easily at any sink, wet bar, or any point of use location
  • Can be cross-connected (if applicable) to refrigerators, ice makers, and other appliances
  • Units come with chrome, lead-free faucet (other faucet finish options available)
  • Powder-coated and corrosion-resistant Bracket mounts easily onto a wall or inside a cabinet
  • Quick-connect fillings for easy installation
  • 10″ heavy-duty housings to protect filter integrity
  • Units come with full-sized, full bed depth filters for optimum performance and longer life
  • Replacing filters once a year is easy with the included spanner wrench (simply spin housing off, replace idler, spin housing back on)
  • Tubing Size’ 1/4″ OD
  • Min/Max Water Temperature: 40°180°F
  • Faucet saddle valve included
  • Max Water Pressure 60 PSI
  • Housing Inlet / Outlet Size. 1/4″ 00 tube ferrate

Triple & Four Stage Alkaline Water Purifiers help people who don’t want to comprise health issues associated with Water Acidity. Chlorine and other related chemicals are strictly for oral intake. Different point of use water purifiers are available to remove/neutralize different pollutants present in water, select the appropriate purifier according to water chemistry in your area. Based on local water conditions and usage. Well, water needs complete analysis for proper product selection.