Under Counter Quick-Change Cartridge Drinking Water Systems

Quick-Change System with Ultra-Filtration Technology

The Quick-Change filter elements and hollow fiber membranes come complete with sediment cartridge, carbon block cartridge, hollow fiber membrane, long-reach chrome faucet, tapping valve, and tubing.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick-Change cartridges are removed with a single turn
  • No filter sumps, no mess, no fuss!
  • No tank is needed, frees up space
  • Cartridges have double o-rings to prevent leaks
  • Choice of cartridge types and sizes for residential. commercial and foodservice use

Notice: System requires a minimum of 20 psi inlet pressure (1.4 bar) and the pressure drop is 3 psi at 0.5 GPM.

Quick-Change Drinking Water Systems Compared to RO

  • Low-cost alternative to RO
  • No reject water (100% of the water is used)
  • Units work as low as 20 psi / 1.4 bar pressure
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Leaves essential nutrients in the water
  • Offered with three flexible purchase options
  • Cartridges are color-coded for easy identification


  • NSF Standard 42*
  • Chlorine taste and odor (97%)
  • Particulate
  • Sand
  • Slit
  • Rust particles (NSF Standard 53*)
  • Cysts

Replacement Cartridges