Watts Leak Protector & Shut-Off Valve

For under sink water filters and reverse osmosis (RO) units


Leak Protector by Watts® “detects” and “protects”.

This unique Leak Protector by Watts not only detects leaks but also shuts off flow to a drinking water system in the event a leak should occur. This unique device is a small up-front investment, designed to eliminate possible damage to homes and business property.

How it works!
The patented device is novel, but quite simple When a leak occurs, the adsorbent applicator “tablet” expands to close the valve and shut off the incoming water supply.

Two tablets are included with each Leak Protector, and replacement tablets are available, packaged two per pack.
Maximum operating pressure = 100 psi

Maximum ambient humidity = 70%

Caution. Keep Leak Protector Replacement Cartridges (pads) out of the reach of children